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Anyone doing anything for a social cause deserve support not applauds. Here we are going to talk about such a person who carries that same mentality. Mary Ann Benigno is a social activity working for homeless people. She is actually very inspiring as she has got really new methods to raise money for homeless people. Not like other, with any of the boring events.

Mary Ann Benigno is looking forward to help homeless people by organizing a huge community classic car event as it will help in raising money for those people. Organizing such a big event will require lots of efforts and time and Mary Ann Benigno realizes this and she believe that with help of community of loyal residents,s she will be organizing a brilliant event. She even knows that it is not easy for her to make classic car availability, so she called many car owners and after knowing that their cars will be used for a good cause then they were not able to refuse it as it is something for good and people there are happy doing that.